An authentic Nomad Desert Experience

Disconnect to re-connect with your true self, soul & spirit


NOVEMBER 14th-24th Ā 2024

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Total Liberation

Liberation internally, Liberation externally.

Welcome to your TOTAL LIBERATION Retreat in the Sahara Desert of Morocco. This is a deeply authentic Nomad Desert Experience for spiritual truth seekers, life lovers & self-leaders.

ItĀ“s for those who are truly ready to journey into the depth of their being and heal on a level beyond the rational mind.

You will be guided into your inner & outer liberation by working on a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual level.

We call in all those souls who are seeking deep meaningful connections within themselves & others and want to revive, discover & liberate their hidden authentic self.

This is a raw, rich, soulful life-changing nomad desert experience.Ā 


Expect powerful healing modalities, evolutionary growth, mutual breakthroughs, plain sand dunes, stunning scenery, deep night blue skies and local desert guides from Touareg & Berber tribes - with the best authentic cuisine ever. In short: Expect the most life-changing transformation of your life.

We Hear You!

This retreat is a perfect dance between your spiritual essence and full embodied authentic humanness. It is a reclamation of your divine power, a homecoming for your inner child, an integration of unprocessed pain, emotions & shadow as well as an energetic explosion of your creative life force energy.


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Professional Guidance

This is a deep soul commitment, aiming to balance our spiritual essence with our raw human nature. You do not need to walk alone - you will be accompanied by leading experts who have lived an embodied and spiritual life.

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Kim Barta

Kim Barta is an internationally recognized, multi-culturally informed, developmental psychotherapist, spiritual guide, author, workshop creator, and speaker. His work is grounded in experiential practice, blending his creative healing with practical everyday usability. Kim has written and lectured on diverse topics such as: Shadow, Spiritual Development, Developmentally Informed Meditation, Developmental Psychology, Shadow and Health at Every Developmental Level,Ā Healthy Power, Developmental Leadership, Organizational leadership, Power and Bliss, Grief, Parenting, Relationships, and Love, to name a few. Kim Co-founded Stages International with Dr. Terri Oā€™Fallon, Ph.D., an organization focused on researching and teaching evolutionary consciousness. Kim is internationally respected as one of the worldā€™s leading psychotherapists working with people measured at the highest stages of consciousness and working with famous Buddhist leaders, Business coaches for Fortune 500 companies, and world-renowned thought leaders.


Tanja Billek is an old soul, incarnated in a modern Austrian body who understands the evolutionary journey of self-discovery from a karmic perspective. All her life has prepared her to serve planetary awakening from a spiritually grounded authentic approach. She is an incarnated shadow worker, able to see directly through peopleĀ“s limiting stories, straight into their soul. Sounds weird? It is - she is meant to help other human beings to break free from their own inner prisons of (un)conscious self sabotage, social conditioning and suppressed pain. She is speaking deep powerful truths and shining light onto shadow to liberate a soulĀ“s full potential. Tanja is designed to help people shedding their old skin by holding sacred space and setting them on fire through her vibrant effervescent energy. She has worked with people from all over the world and is specialized in emotional release, archetypal embodiment, inner child work & forgiveness, shadow integration and spiritual ascension.

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Ali is a warmhearted Berber-Touareg man who lives with his big family in the remote Sahara Desert of Marocco. He is a father of three (Amin, Anoir, Aziz) and married to lovely Amina. Ali is an expert of the desert, knows exactly where to go and is prepared for all circumstances that could occur (e.g. sandstorm). He is a master of desert logistics and the head of the local desert team (chef, camel riders etc). He is fluent in Tamazight, Arabic as well as French and speaks a little bit of English.


"Kim is profoundly wise, deeply warm, and his innovations in therapy processes are utterly illuminating. I highly recommend him! ā€œĀ  Rachel Eryn Kalish.

"As CEO of a large business, I wholeheartedly recommend Kim as a coach or seminar leader.Ā I have learned from several years of interaction with him that he can be trusted to have my best interests at heart.Ā  I'm also impressed with his ability and skill to not only coach me on personal issues but business challenges as well."Ā  Kevin Cope

"Kim Barta is a phenomenal, relatable instructor in the wide field of consciousness and human development. His care, thoroughness, and capacity to teach complex structures through accessible models have allowed me and others I love to grow with trust and curiosity. I have had the opportunity to attend several of his courses and workshops, both in person and online, and work with him as my therapist and guide. His work has been pivotal to my development and well-being and an anchor through some of the most difficult and blissful transitions of my life. Kim holds deep and real love for his clients as they move through expansion and contractions in this human journey."Ā  Mary Maxfield

"I would recommend anything that Kim is involved in because I trust him. I trust him to approach me honestly, with thoughtfulness, and with a desire to genuinely help."Ā  Michelle Duncan

"I have worked with kim for many years, both one-on-one and in workshops. He has been the most impactful therapist, guide, and coach I have ever worked with.Ā His power comes from his many years of livedĀ experience and wisdom, both professionally and personally, coupled with his unique gift of knowing how to meet you where you are and expertly support and guide you in your own healing and growth. He brings no ego nor agenda other than simply wanting to help you find greater peace and happiness".Ā Karen Peters.

ā€œCompassion. Awareness. Play. Creativity. Presence. Honor. Intuition. Strength. Laughter. Sensitivity. Intelligence. Understanding. Respect. These and so many other words describe my experience of Kim Barta during the years I have known him. More than just exhibiting these qualities himself, though, he is committed to supporting the emergence of these qualities in others. I feel fortunate, blessed even, that Iā€™ve had the opportunity to participate in his workshops and private coaching/mentoring sessions with him. He has been an invaluable guide, consistently and sensitively orienting me toward my own experience and knowledge. And at the same time, heā€™s been an innovative teacher, always willing to answer questions and share his considerable understanding of integral models of human development, which is based on decades of his counseling, coaching, parenting, and personal experience. Our forays into more profound, more authentic ways of ā€˜Beingā€™ have not only been a pleasure but also a treasure of immeasurable value to me. I couldnā€™t recommend Kim more highly!ā€ -D.J.

"It's challenging to find the words to express my immense gratitude for the opportunity to have been a part of this transformative journey. Your guidance was a priceless gift of love. Today, as I was driving to meet a friend, I found myself moved to tears by gratitude. It's hard to believe the profound changes in my life. I am now filled with love and compassion. My life has changed completely!" Alexandra Stetsenko

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Total Liberation

TOTAL LIBERATION will set you free from the inside out as we will push through any limiting beliefs and illusions that have kept you stuck, cycling through the same struggles over and over again. It is a sacred R-Evolution for your inner wholeness and a reclamation to fulfill your deepest inner soul longings.


Where: Meet in Merikesh, Morocco

When: November 14 through the 24th 2024

Limited: 12 people

Price: ā‚¬2,999 Early Bird Discounts are Available

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Check out this exciting curriculum below.

    • Meet & Greet in the morning in Marrakesh
    • Transport to Alis Kasbah in the desert (~10 hours)
    • Stops on the way for lunch, toilet etc.Ā 
    • Dinner at Alis Kasbah
    • Orientation + InstructionsĀ 
    • Breakfast at Alis
    • Preperation for trip
    • Lunch & walking into the desert
    • Setting up camp
    • Opening CeremonyĀ 
    • Retreat Practices & open sharing circleĀ 
    • Sunset ritual
    • Dinner
    • Guided meditation & storytelling time
  • SYLLABUS DAY 3-5 (campsite in desert)Ā 
    • Sunrise meditation & somatic movementĀ 
    • Breakfast
    • Retreat Practices: Releasing our limitations & discovering our full potential (e.g. Inner Child Work, Shadow Work, Transformational Breathwork, Archetypal Embodiment)
    • Me-Time
    • Lunch
    • Retreat Practices: Authentic relating with self & others, Purpose Discovery, vitality & potential, awareness practices
    • Me-Time
    • Sunset ritual
    • Dinner
    • Guided meditation & storytelling time
  • SYLLABUS DAY 6-8 (walking in the desert)Ā 
    • Sunrise meditation & somatic movementĀ 
    • Breakfast
    • Packing and preparation
    • Retreat Practices: Walking meditation
    • Lunch
    • Retreat Practices: Walking meditation
    • Setting up the nomadic camp per night
    • Me-Time
    • Sunset ritual
    • Dinner
    • 4-Elements-Ceremony: Fire, water, wind, earth
    • Guided meditation & storytelling time
  • SYLLABUS DAY 9 (returning back to Alis Kasbah)Ā 
    • Sunrise meditation & somatic movementĀ 
    • Breakfast
    • Packing and preparation
    • Retreat Practices: Walking meditation
    • Lunch
    • Retreat Practices: Walking meditation
    • Arrival at AlisĀ“ Kasbah
    • Showering :)
    • Me-Time
    • Dinner
    • Community recap & celebration
  • SYLLABUS DAY 10 (Atlas Mountains)Ā 
    • Breakfast at AlisĀ“ Kasbah
    • Packing and preparation
    • Travelling to the Atlas Mountains
    • Lunch-Stop at a restaurantĀ 
    • Arrival at a hotel in the Atlas mountains
    • Me-Time
    • Dinner
    • Future Pacing for Success
  • SYLLABUS DAY 11 (Departure to Marrakesh)Ā 
    • Breakfast at the hotel
    • Packing and preparation
    • Travelling to Marrakesh
    • Lunch-Stop at a restaurant on the way backĀ 
    • Arrival at Marrakesh
    • Goodbye-Dinner (voluntary)Ā 



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We are working together with our trusted team of local Sahrawis, who know the desert better than anyone else.Ā  ItĀ“s a ā€œback to the rootsā€, fully immersed in nature's rhythm. The area is safe and stable - socially as well as politically. In terms of personal hygiene the Sahrawis have perfected desert hygiene over centuries.Ā You do not even need to carry your backpack (camels will do that).


Ā We guarantee you not only a deep inner journey, but also an ecstatic outer journey - in a very safe environment. Imagine a place in deep silence, surrounded by potent nothingness and sleeping under the bright night sky full of stars. What does it remind you of? Expect a rebirth of all & everything you truly are while being immersed in the seemingly liquid light of the morning sun and energetic radiance of the desert moon.

We are calling you in

Is your soul calling you to disconnect from daily routines, electronic devices & old habits? Do you seek to truly reset and reconnect to your body, mind, soul and spirit? Do you feel ready to shed old layers of past pain and self-betrayal in order to evolve into your next level of authentic self-expression?Ā 

The desert is the perfect landscape for letting go of old conditioning, reuniting you with your core essence and spiritual purpose. The SaharasĀ“ infinite landscape calls you home to your infinite potential and expanded consciousness.Ā 

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Schedule a clarity call with Tanjia today to answer all your questions and see if this is the nourishment your soul is longing for. The whole group will be highly curated to assure healthy foundations for our individual & collective growth.Ā 

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Below are FAQs. If you have further quesitons we encourage you to book your free discovery call where you can get individual attention and all your questions answered.

  • People who are looking for a deep embodied personal & spiritual experience
  • People who want to heal old pain and create new healthy patterns around radical self-love, self-acceptance, self-esteem & relationships
  • People who seek freedom of expression of every part of themselves - from their adult wise self to their inner child, everything is welcome :)
  • People who want to heal shadow issues , become whole and full within themselvesĀ 
  • People who want to discover their purpose, passion & innate gifts
  • People who want to experience true lasting liberation on a cellular levelĀ 
  • People who are interested in forming deep meaningful connections within themselves & othersĀ 
  • People who are interested in experiencing the desert in its most authentic state and use it as a highly transformative life-changing experienceĀ 

We meet at a central place in Marrakesh Morocco:Ā Djemaa el Fna square.

Arrive at Marrakash Airport at least the 13th of November (1 day prior the retreat). We recommend to book a nice place to stay in the center of Marrakesh, close to Djemaa el Fna square.

We wake up with the sunrise and go to bed after dinner, approximately 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.
For a class schedule refer back to this landing page under curriculum

  • We will walk for about 1 hour the first day to get to our desert campsite.Ā 
  • We will stay in our retreat campsite for 5 days.
  • From day 6 to 9 we will walk no longer than 3 hours per day. This allows for walking meditations and provides plenty of time for further retreat activities.
  • You can also ride a camel if you want or need at any point in time.
  • Everything starting from the meeting point in Marrakesh until we are back in Marrakesh is included. That means all the transport, accommodation, food, retreat practices & teachers.Ā 
  • Flights.
  • Private expenses (e.g. shopping on the way, tips for local people & desert team),
  • Your expenses before and after the retreat.
  • Yes. The normal price is 2.999 ā‚¬.Ā 
  • We offer an Early Bird Discount for all bookings till 30th of June: 2.499 ā‚¬
  • If you book before 30th of June, the payment plan will be 500 ā‚¬ per month for 5 times (according to the Early Bird Price of 2.499 ā‚¬)
  • If you book before September the monthly payment plan will be 999 ā‚¬ per month for 3 times (according to the normal price of 2.999 ā‚¬)
  • Sorry, we cannot offer cancelation since this retreat requires a deep soul commitment to your own individual & collective evolution.Ā Ā 
  • In case of a real emergency (death, health issues) you can cancel for free if you provide documentation.
  • We will experience nice summer days (max. 30 degrees) and decent nights (not below 10 degrees).
    • Make sure you have a good sleeping bag that keeps you warm at night.
    • We will have a lot of sun, so high SPF (50+) is important
  • We may encounter a desert windstorm. This can be both exciting and hard. It helps to build stamina of character. But you will be safe, well prepared and guided through the process.
    • Have goggles or other closed eye protection.
    • Cloth or mask for breathing through.
  • First of all - youĀ“ll get a very detailed description after your final confirmation.
  • But here are some things to give you an idea:
    • Warm sleeping bag
    • Pop-up/leightwight tent (only if you want to - we highly recommend to sleep under the stars with us; soft foam mats will be provided),
    • Strong sandals/walking shoes (no flip flops etc.)
    • Long baggy comfortable clothes (preferably cotton),
    • Sunscreen SPF 50+
    • Wide-brimmed hat/cap (or you buy an authentic desert shesh/turban)
    • Sunglasses
    • Personal toiletries for personal hygiene (wet wipes, hand sanitizer etc.), SOS medicine (e.g pain killers, headache, rehydration),
    • Head torch
    • Power bank

Tanja and the whole local team know that area of the desert very well. This part of the Sahara is within a military zone for which we got a special permit to enter. We won't be affected by military presence as it will not visible to us - but rest assured being there is safer than walking on Viennese streets :)

In case of an emergency we will bring you back to the closest village by camel - depending on where we are in the desert it can be from 1hr to approximately 3 hours. From there we can drive you straight to Marrakesh airport/hospital.

Imagine the best authentic meals (vegetarian), all freshly made with much love from a local chef. We will have breakfast, lunch, dinner and two tea times (in the morning, in the afternoon) with real Maroccan herbal tea, cake, nuts & biscuits. Fresh water to drink and wash your hands is available unlimited at any time.

  • First have a discovery call with Tanja & Kim.
  • You will find the link to Tanjas calender on the landing page.Ā 
  • The call serves both of us to answer all your questions and see if this retreat is a good fit for you :)
  • Then you will be given a check out page where you will be able to book your retreat.

We want to serve you at the highest level possible and for that itĀ“s necessary to have a high-quality group of people who are fully dedicated to a life-transforming experience.


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